Out of Stock/No Email Answer

Hi. I went to order a single tap system and found everything is out of stock. I emailed them for an ETA last week (Friday I believe) but have the not heard back.

Possibly they never received my email… I’m not sure.

Can any of you shed some light?


Sorry! Thought we followed up with everyone –

Parts are being restocked as we speak, should arrive in the store around Thursday or Friday. We will tweet when they so!

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yeah things have been real quiet on the IRC channel as well, more so than usual (minus some pull requests that got merged today). Not sure what exactly is going on :-/ …maybe something big is on the horizon.

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Thanks Mikey.

I don’t twitter or fb…

When the stuff is back in, can I check the product page for the latest?



of course! will post here as well.

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I’ve got everything set except I’m waiting to set up the server until I have the Kegbot HW and SW here. Hope those parts come in soon but really, I can wait :smile:

Kegerator #1 which is really the wife’s but I’ve bogarted it.


I also emailed you guys. Still trying to get one of you system but everything is out of stock. When do you think he will have more?



I saw that the single tap system became active (this morning?) so I ordered one. I needed the Y cable as well but those are still listed as out of stock (grabbed one from Amazon).