Possible to configure kegbot without rj45?

I have a rpi, an arduino, sensors and currently have those working together in harmony with a lcd display. I was wondering if it would be possible to configure it to work with kegberry without having to procure the rj45 boards or any additionnal hardware?


If I understand your question, your arduino replaces the “kegboard”. You would be responsible for attaching your flow meters to the correct interfaces on the arduino, but it sounds as if you already have this working…

I should think you have everything you need, right there.

You say sensors, I guess flow meters, but perhaps you also mean temperature probes. Again, the arduino applications in the github repo should support all of that.

Thanks for the response.
Yes I got everything working using the the kegbot firmware for a “coaster” I believe. everything is now wired and fiddled with for no more ghost pours.