Problems connecting Raspberry Pi running latest server release with Arduino

Hi gang!

I’ve been chipping away at my build for a few weeks now, trying various Raspberry PI OS versions and various versions/build processes for the kegbot-server software, with various amounts of success.

I’ve finally done a clean install of the Buster-based Raspberry PI OS (64 bit) and successfully installed the v1.3.0 of the software using the Docker compose script provided by the install documentation.

I’ve also got the latest version of the kegboard software running on an Elegoo Mega 2560 R3 with four flow monitors and a temperature sensor attached and writing successfully to the serial monitor.

However, I can’t for the life of me seem to get the Arduino software to communicate with the server software. It seems like the controller name and flow meters need to be very specifically named, which I have done, and yet nothing seems to work.

Has anyone run into a similar issue with flow meter integration? Does anyone have any troubleshooting suggestions? Thanks in advance!