Prontotec 7 inch Android Tablet Issue

Hey guys, we’re attempting to set up our Kegbot in a coworking space and are excited to get it going. I found an affordable tablet (link to specs below) that met all of the listed requirements: USB port, separate power source, Android 4.0 or better and we just received it today. When initially testing the system, we discovered that we installed the sensor backwards (it happens) but once we got that squared away we ran into another issue.

The tablet won’t recognize the Kegbot when the USB is plugged in, which means that it won’t fire up the app when the USB is plugged in and it won’t detect the flow of beer through the sensor. We followed all of the trouble shooting steps on the Kegbot web site and also plugged in a USB mouse which was immediately recognized, so we know that the USB port works.

Any ideas would be appreciated as this appears to be a great, super-affordable tablet to pair with the Kegbot.


Does the Kegboard Pro light up? (there is 4 led lights). Which ones? does a usb storage drive work in the port?

Prior to install I followed your instructions (linked below) by plugging the Kegboard Pro into my Macbook Air. At that time, lights 1, 2 and 4 performed as stated in your instructions so I went ahead with the install.

I just retested everything using the Prontotec tablet with the flow sensor installed in the kegerator. The same results occurred, lights 1 and 4 perform as stated in your instructions when hooked up to the Prontotec tablet via USB and light 2 flashes when pouring beer from the tap.

Also, my colleague just plugged in a USB storage drive into the Prontotec tablet’s USB port and was able to read the files from the USB drive. So the USB drive is working on the Prontotec.

Looking forward to your reply. :smile:

I had a similar issue with my HP touchpad, appeared to be operating correctly, kegbot app would open when I plugged it into the tablet, but it could not find the flow meter. Tried various custom roms / android versions but eventually gave up and used my nexus 7.

Install USB Device Info from the play store, check to see if the kegboard is recognized in both the android and linux tabs. Also try rebooting the tablet with the kegboard plugged in.

If that fails, that’s all I have sorry man. I would usually next recommend updating android / rooting + custom ROM or kernel to try however with that vague Chinese brand I didn’t find anything with a quick Google search.

Hi chris,

The short answer is “YMMV” tends to be the prevailing experience with ultra cheap tablets.

We haven’t tested this particular tablet, but it’s possible the manufacturer got USB mass storage working as a special case but overlooked the software support that Kegbot needs (USB host most).

If you’re able to grab a system-level bugreport, grab it and PM me and we can see if there are any clues. It may help, or not… sorry for the rather discouraging answer…