Request - Ignore pours below certain flow rate

I believe that the “ignore pours below x oz” is in the android app. Would the addition of “ignore pours below x oz/min” be something that could be added?

My meters routinely decide to start pretending that they’re pouring (usually 1-2 times a week). Setting things to only record pours greater than some value has helped reduce erroneous sessions quite a bit; however, occasionally I’ll get an 11 oz pour that was never actually poured. When that happens it’s usually coming from a very slow pour that shows a pour lasting several minutes. I get the emails and then usually go back and delete the drinks.

Not sure if this is something that would be easy(ish) to implement or not. A sample time of every 5-10 seconds or so should be adequate to ensure that a really small pour (a few ounces) doesn’t get missed by failing the flow rate check.

I’m not sure if this is a widespread issue or if it’s just my setup that does this. In any case, thanks for the project. It catches the eye of anyone that walks by it.

I’m guessing that the same issue that’s causing the tiny pours is causing this one. I’ve been told it’s likely electronic interference - ferrite beads or shielding the kegbot board might help? Either way if this feature is easy to implement, it would likely be useful to me too.

I apologize for not doing a search on the ghost pour issue prior to posting. Looks like that post wasn’t there when I did the initial setup and I incorrectly assumed that there wasn’t any documentation on it. I’ll try those solutions to see if that alleviates any of the problems.

I’m using a kegboard coaster, so I assume that cores on the network cable + the usb cable would be all that I can do.

I’m seeing this now:

There is already an open an issue in GitHub for this

The version of the android app I have lets me configure that amount, or at least it used to. I wouldn’t expect that it has been removed. It’s not a server side setting. I was looking for a rate, not a volume.

I still haven’t moved my kbpm, so the next action on this one is on me.

It’s not EMI or the ghost pours would happen all the time or at least when the refrigerator compressor turns on and off. Mine ALWAYS 100% of the time happen within 20 minutes of a pour, which tells me it is related to beer settling in the lines and the sensitivity of the system is too high.