Rfid firmware question

Hey everyone, just found the site, and have been lurking and reading as much as i can. have everything either on-hand or ordered, but had a question after researching everything on here. seems people could not get rfid working without a custom firmware that was being passed around via email. is that still the case, or has rfid been enabled in the firmware available in the repository?

is anyone out there? I have everything working EXCEPT this onewire rfid reader, and I need the custom firmware if someone is still out there that has it. I know I’m coming off as desperate, and that’s because I am. LoL. Anyone, please help. Thanks!

nvm. fixed it. thanks.

Hi there, would you mind sharing your experience? I have flowmeters working but would like to start looking at RFID and solenoids! Cheers

Most of the time people are trying to get it to work just off the app. To have RFID just work you need to have the Kegbot server. We are about to start selling the solenoids we have working on our site soon.

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