Single line install script stopping at --- Checking for docker

Hi, I am trying to use the single line install script. I have a raspberry pi 3 which I installed Raspberry Pi OS (Legacy) onto. I have configured the OS and updated then tried running the install script but it just gives

[email protected]:~ $ /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"
--- Checking for docker ...

then exits with no errors.

Do I need to use an older version of Raspbian instead of Raspberry Pi OS Legacy? I assumed as it was Buster it would work but apparently not.

I have now tried using the newest version of Raspbian buster (raspbian-2020-02-14) as well as the very first version of Raspbian Buster (raspian-2019-07-10) without and with updates and the script still fails in the same place every time.

Ok so I got a bit further by running curl -sSL | sh which initially gave an error about the repos but running sudo apt-get update --allow-releaseinfo-change fixed that. this got me past the initial issue but the same thing happened at the docker-compose section so I ran sudo pip3 install docker-compose which then allowed the installation to complete but then I got the same error as this post so followed the advice and now when I run docker-compose up -d it runs without error but I get no webpage at myipaddress:8000

I wonder if it is even worth the effort, it’s just Kegberry seems so perfect for what I want it is a shame to give up.

Looks like the forum has dropped off quite a bit.

I couldn’t get the one line install to work on a pi, ran it on a linux VM and it worked first go. Not sure if there are some libraries or requirements that raspberry pi OS doesn’t have.

yo, you get this figured out @KeithW?

what happens when you do docker -v as pi. you should get the version info back. I’d probably start there.

i am like 90% sure that the pi user can’t interact with docker by default. you may need to either add the user to the docker group or sudo the install command.

@ happyhecatomb
No I never managed to get it to work. I moved over to Raspberry Pints.