SRM value changes color of displayed keg?

Just installed for the first time this weekend and as I am adding the 2 taps I have on I noticed that the color in the kegs has not changed even after editing the SRM values. Am I mistaken in thinking the whole reason for adding that would be to check the hex code and apply the appropriate (or close to) color value? Just trying to understand this coding since I have not played with any type of programming in many years. Appreciate any help.

As it happens I was looking through the Python files and there only seems to be an SRM14 keg image. I guess it’s a feature that might be developed in the future as I haven’t seen any difference.

That’s actually something I’d like to look into further. I’ve had several people ask me over and over during parties “which one’s the dark beer again?!”. I think it would be a semi-easy if/then comparison between the SRM and a color range… Lol but it’s been a few years since I programmed anything… I probably should bite my tongue :slight_smile: thanks for your answer. Gives me something to research.

I would love to see this implemented too! I can’t vouch for what’s in the code but if it’s doable, I’d love it! There is a lot of value especially on the new full screen keg room page! I hope @mikey is listening!