Tablet images and camera problems

I recently had to rebuilt my rpi and now the beer logo images sometimes disappear and then reappear on my tablet. I tried to fix it by updating the app on the tablet and now whenever I pour a beer from the flow0 tap, it won’t automatically take a picture, but the flow1 tap does take a picture - and the beer images still go away and come back. Both taps register pours. Any ideas?

I’ve tried uninstalling and re-installing the app (build 84), rebooting everything, changing camera settings, etc, but the beer logo images seem to go away and reappear each time the tablet (rooted Nexus 7) checks the rpi server (checks server - images disappear, check server again - images reappear, etc). Also, I can’t get the tablet to take a picture when a pour is registered on the flow0 tap (it used to before I updated the app). It takes a picture every time on the flow1 tap, including every ghost pour, but that is a different problem.