Tablet sees kegboard, kegbot app doesn't

Here’s my issue- i have a sparkfun pro micro that i flashed with the kegboard firmware. it works flawlessly with the kegboard tools- sees the board (i’ve set a serial #) and sees the flows fine. When I use it connected to the server (kegberry) it works as well.

It just won’t work with the android app.
For a tablet I’m using a nexus 7 2013 wifi (flo). I’ve tried it with a number of different versions and kernel mods to enable the OTG charging. Currently I’m running a setup that matches the KB- 4.4.2
Using the USB device info app, it shows that the tablet sees the kegboard, but the app doesn’t recognize it. One other weirdness- if the board is connected to the kegberry or using the kegboard tools, the activity indicator light blinks to show flow when i use the test pin (12)- when it’s connected to the tablet, it does not blink when i use the test pulses.

I found the issue- i was digging through the app code and found the device filtering- since the VID was set to sparkfun and not arduino, kegbot ignored it. I changed the board type to ardunio leonardo (which updates the board.txt with the VID) and uploaded the kegboard code again. Now it works.