Temp Probe for keezer

Rather than having a temp probe for each tap, I’d like to have just one for the Keezer in general. Is there a way to have just one probe displayed for all taps? I can’t see the need for individual probes for each of my 7 taps.


Yes. In the admin panel, you can configure each tap to point to the same sensor.

(This is unlike flow sensors, which can obviously only be mapped to one tap at a time.)

You should review the “Temperature sensor activation?” thread below, which is what I followed. I hooked up one temp sensor and have it displaying on all my taps. Kegbot will automatically recognize the sensor when it’s connected. You can then just select the same sensor for each tap. I connected mine and assigned it to all 4 of my taps in literally 10 minutes.

Ah yes… I see that now. Thanks Guys!