Temp sensor on Arduino

I’m finally adding a temp sensor to my setup and it doesn’t seem to be recognized. I’m not 100% sure that I’m connecting it to the correct spots on the arduino. It is a three wire sensor with Black, Red, and Green wires. Based on the pin mappings I’ve connected the Black to ground, Red to +5V, and green to Pin 7. Is this correct?

This is the sensor I’m using just in case it isn’t compatible.


When I hooked up my temp sensor I tried the same way with no success. If I remember correctly the black wire was not ground but the green was. Try switching around…


Thanks for the advice, I switched them around with no change. Does the app/server automatically detect that I’ve added a temp sensor or do I need to do something to force the detection? I was under the impression it was automatic but I don’t see it listed in the tap settings.


You need to restart the server and if the temp sensor is correctly connected it shows up automatically under admin and tap settings. I remember I was surprised when I connected my temp sensor because the ordinary "color codes"on the wires were wrong. Try switching them around a bit. It is even possible that the red was the data wire and not 5V…


I had similar issue. I resolved it by adding a 4.7K resistor between the signal wire (what goes to pin7 of the arduino) and +5V.
Make sure that the wires of the sensor are well connected.
I added the resistor, fired up the arduino, no need to restart the server or the tablet app, just went to Admin/Taps/EditTap/TapSettings and the temperature sensor magically showed up.
Once selected (you can select the same sensor for multiple taps if you only have a single temp sensor), the temp automatically appears on the tablet’s kegbot app.

Thanks for letting me know. I’ll add a resistor as nothing has helped yet. Hopefully that works!

I’ll be wiring it up tonight. How exactly did you wire the resistor? I’m probably over-thinking this but did you directly connect the +5V on the arduino to pin7?

Never mind, it was pretty easy once I had it in front of me. Works great now. Thanks for the help!