Temperature Probe and some other KBMP Build questions

I just ordered a KegBot Mini Pro and plan to integrate it with splunk and nagios for monitoring/alerting. Couple questions,

  1. How do I implement temperature sensing with the KBMP?
  2. Has anyone successfully implemented Flow Control?
  3. I have a Nexus 7 (2013) 16gb. Is all I need the Y cable and the Kegbot Mini Pro + Flow sensor to get the whole thing running or is there other components I have missed?

I can answer number 1. All you need is a DS18B20 Temperature Sensor.

Wire it into the RJ45 jack Pin one sensor, Pin 2 5v, Pin 5 Ground

Can it be directly wired to these 3 pins or do I need a resistor in the circuit?

I wired mine directly in using the existing wires in the flow cable.

I had the same question about the resistor. It is already on the KBPM, so all you have to do is wire in the temp sensor.

As for #3, that should be all you need. Keep in mind you’ll have to root the nexus. There was a good how-to guide on here, but all of the links I’ve found don’t redirect properly. You could probably search the archives for it.

Regarding #2 that is something I’m currently trying to implement. I have solenoid valves in all my beer lines and a relay hooked to my system for activating them, I just need a firmware update on the KBPM so the kegboard triggers the relay. Mike said a couple of weeks ago he was hoping to have the firmware ready in a week or two so I’m REALLY hoping it will be available any day now.

My post has more info: Trigger Relay from Kegboard Pro Mini

RE question 1:
I bought a 5 pack of these temp. probes on Amazon for $8 and they work great. Simply wire them directly into the relevant pin of the KBPM and they are instantly recognized.


You can add a temp sensor to each KBPM you have or just use one and associate it with all taps (even if they are on other KBPM’s) in the admin page of your kegbot server.