Temperature sensor activation?

I have installed a temperature sensor, using an RJ45 punch down block, exactly as in this picture:

The flow meter works fine, but the temperature isn’t showing up. Do I need to activate it somehow? Thanks.

This is how I got mine working…
In the Admin tab, click on Taps then edit the tap(s) you want to associate the temp sensor with.
Click on the ‘Tap Settings’ tab and select your temp sensor in the drop down menu (On mine it’s the 4th box down).

If you have multiple taps simply repeat this process for each tap.

I did the same as MArk

Neither of mine are showing as having a temperature sensor connected. Hmm.

The pic isnt showing for me. I used the wires in the flow meter cable. The orange/white(temp sensor) I believe was there and already free. Then just tapped power and ground.

Here is what I did. I have a feeling the insulation may not have been punctured on the temp probe wires, so it’s not actually connected.

Mine was wired as follows:

Orange (Pin 2) to Sensor Red

Blue/White (Pin 5) to Sensor Black

Orange/White (Pin 1) to Sensor White

That would do it.
I took a slightly different approach in my wiring to avoid this… took a cat5 patch cable & removed several inches of the outer cover then punched down one keystone jack at the end of the wires as you have and a 3 more a couple of inches apart so I have 4 jacks all fed by one cable. On the last one I reversed the Brown & Green (pins 6 & 8) wires. Jacks 1,2 & 3 are identical and are running Flow controller 0, my I-Button Reader and my Temp probe. The 4th jack with two wires switched allows me to directly plug in an additional flow controller (pre-wired straight from the kegbot store) and it shows as flow 1 in the system.

All 4 jacks sit nicely in a 4 port wall plate on a standard plastic outlet box (my KBPM also fits in the same outlet box behind the jacks) giving a nice clean finish. This allows me to run the I-buttons, 2 flow controllers and temp probe all from one KBPM and everything is concealed in nice box.

With this done and the box mounted on my kegerator all I had to do was put an RJ45 on my I-button reader cable and one on the temp probe then plug them into any of the 3 jacks wired the same.

TEMP Sensor RJ45

Orange (Pin 2) to Sensor Red
Blue/White (Pin 5) to Sensor Black
Orange/White (Pin 1) to Sensor White

i-Button RJ45

Orange (Pin 2) to Power in (5vdc)
Blue/White (Pin 5) to Ground
Green/White (Pin 3) to Data

I bought a 5 pack of these temp. probes on Amazon for $8 and they work great.


You can add a temp sensor to each KBPM you have or just use one and associate it with all taps (even if they are on other KBPM’s) in the admin page of your kegbot server.

As for the reader, the one I use (which works great) was $20 and works well: http://www.embeddeddatasystems.com/DS1402D-DR8--Blue-Dot-Receptor-iButton-Reader-Cable_p_88.html4

Mike is working on a firmware update for the KBPM at the moment which will allow the ibutton to trigger a relay so you can activate solenoids with it meaning no-one can pour a drop without authenticating (if you add the solenoid valves of course - I already have them in my system and am just waiting for the firmware update). Mike said a couple of weeks ago the update would be ready in a week or two so it should be available any day now.

The same website also sells ibuttons but they are about $3 each from them. I bought a few of theirs to setup my system with and make sure everything works but have since found the ibuttons on ebay you can buy work just fine. I paid $42 for 100 on ebay and they came already with the keyring mount.

FWIW I just added a temp sensor to my setup and the wires on the temp sensor are so fragile that I had to quad fold the ends before I put them in the CAT5 keystone jack I’m using to join the flow meter and temp sensor together. By quad fold, I mean I took about 1" of sheathing off of the wire and then fold the wire over on itself one quarter inch at a time. It finally held up in the block and I was able to punch down the flow meter wires on top of it and now everything is fine. To get true liquid temp I keep a glass of tap water in my keg and I used to use a manual thermometer now I just put the temp probe in that. Works great.


Does the KBPM have enough power to control the solenoids? and temp sensor? Do you have pics of how you have your system wired up? I am currently collecting all the necessary components to complete my project and i want to do it right the first time.


According to Mike it does not have enough power - I didn’t test to see, rather I used this relay from Amazon:

The KBPM has enough power to send a trigger signal but not to power the coil so mine is wired as follows:
I removed the 2 little jumpers which connect DC+ & DC- to JD+ & JD- then connected an external power supply to the JD+ and JD- which will power the relay coils without drawing KBPM power. For this I just used another USB cable from my powered hub and connected the + & - to JD+ and JD-

For the KBPM trigger signal I connected the DC+, DC- and IN on the relay to the KBPM which will simply provide the trigger signal but without requiring the power to operate a coil. Pin 7 (Brown & White) on the KBPM goes to IN on the relay, +5v on the KBPM goes to DC+ on the relay and GND on the KPM goes to DC- on the relay. Make sure the relay jumper is set to High (it doesn’t work on low). Even though you are connecting voltage from the KBPM here, as long as you have removed the jumper for the VDC connectors to the JD+/- pins and connected external 5v + & - to the JD=/- pins then the KBPM power is only used for the trigger and the power for your coils is drawn from the external power on JD+ and JD-, which in my case is coming directly from a USB cable plugged into my hub.

Thanks for the info. I ordered all the parts yesterday except the ibutton that i cant seem to find for a reasonable price that includes shipping to my location as of yet.

With your ibutton authentication is it session based for keeping the solenoid open? Is this integrated already in the android app?

Are there any gotchas to be aware of when setting this up?

Sorry for the barrage of questions

The main gotcha is that you need to use an unsupported firmware version on the kbpm for this to work. If you are willing to use that setup is pretty easy.

After authentication the relay opens and stays open for as long as you have the timeout set on the tablet - Mine is set to about 45 seconds which is more than enough to pour a pint in my system. You can close it manually by clicking the ‘Done Pouring’ button on screen but this isn’t necessary with a short timeout.

I have no issues using an unsupported firmware. Which version is it and where can i get it? and of course how do update it?

thanks for your help!!