Thinking of selling/trading my kegbot

Hey guys,

Thinking of selling my kegbot. I have a weird EMI issue somewhere in my house that i cant pinpoint. It doesn’t play nice on the kegbot nor my computer.

once or twice every few hours i get “flow detected on meter 1” (even though there is no meter 1 hooked up nor configureed) and the same time my computers usb devices disconnects and reconnects.


Thinking of selling or trading for a 2 tap tower.

fully built Kegboard with case, meter, 15 or so key fobs, tablet stand, solenoid valve (never did get this valve to play nice without causing the “flow detected on meter 1”, functional it works.


I can include the nexus 7 tab with the firmware update to enable charging with the OTG cable, if the price is right.