Trying to change but get permission error

I used the kegberry image to install Kegberry on a Pi, everything seemed to work - server started up I am able to get to the page and everything, but I need to disable debug mode. I tried editing the file under /home/kegberry/.kegbot but I get the error I/O permission denied.

I am guessing it’s because the kegberry services are still running, but I am not sure how to stop them. I tried terminating them (not ideal) and got error there as well.

This is the first time I’ve ever really played with Pi, so probably not the best intro for me. I am not a programmer, but I pick up on things pretty quickly… sorry if these are just completely stupid questions haha.

Ok, never mind :stuck_out_tongue: I logged out as the Pi user, logged in as Root and was able to save my changes. Restarted the Pi and now all is good!

Glad you got it sorted!

Just FYI, kegberry runs everything as the user kegberry. This account doesn’t have a password, but you can become the user (from the pi user) as follows:

(pi) $ sudo su - kegberry