Unable to end Keg

I am now running v1.2.1 however I can’t end a keg in either the keg room or in the tap setting…

When I click the red button in the ‘keg room’ there is a long pause then a 502 Bad Gateway error.

When I click end keg within the tap settings I get a 500 internal server error.

Despite the keg not ending in the server and the two different errors (depending on which ‘end keg’ button I use), the e-mail notifications to say the keg is ended are still sent out. The kegs remain in place and not ended though.

I still get a 500 error when clicking the ‘end keg’ button within tap settings on the server however I was able to get the button in the keg room to work without the 502 error by doing the following:

  1. Adding: –timeout=300 to the end of the command line in my kegbot.conf file
  2. Changing the 2 timeout settings in the nginx config file to:
    proxy_connect_timeout 300s;
    proxy_read_timeout 300s;

Mike, can you please look into this and let me know how to fix the 500 error that occurs when ending a keg from within the tap settings.

Thank You