Using the Kegbot Android App without Flow Sensors

Hello All,

I recently purchased a refurbished Android tablet in the hopes to use it with Kegbot to track my current keg setup. It seems like it can only log a beer based on the flow sensors, which i don’t have. I’ve used kegberry to track beers on a per pint basis before.

Am i able to configure the Android app to log beers in a similar fashion?

I am using it in local mode but plan on installing the server right on the tablet as i have seen others do in the past.


You can manually enter pours through the sever back end and it will update to the tablet

I was looking for more of a way to click the keg on the app and have it register a pour of 1 pint.

Myself and 2 other roommates are looking for a quick and easy way to register each of our pours/drinks.

I wired something up while i was using KegBerry hitting the APIs, but I was hoping there would be a built in option for this on the app.

Any other options?