Wanted hardware for Kegbot


We are actively manufacturing everything needed for Kegbot and are selling all the parts so people can complete their Kegbots or expand. Looking for feedback on other things people would like us to make available?

We successfully have the flow control, RFID, and multiple controllers reporting to cloud hosted Kegbot server.

Ideas we are looking for input on what to do next:
Hosting of Kegbot Servers in Cloud for $25 a month
Kegboard Pro Mini
Combining Arduino and Kegboard into 1 board
Combining power supplies to be onboard to power the flow control toggles / controller / and aurdino all at once
Plastic housing for Kegbot

Anything we shoudl focus on our that we missed?


Would be great


If you are talking cloud I picture a box that simply has a power cord with modular flow meter additions. The arduino would be wifi and report to cloud (only issue would be if there was network issues, it would need to store locally until acknowledged). Then simply plug in your flow meters and configure. If it was truly plug and play there would be a huge market for this


Got it, we are looking at this next.


Is the hardware your manufacturing going to be available through the kegbot store?


I would have purchased a kit when I first started!
All things you mentioned would be great. I would love the all in one

Where are you selling you hardware?