What is "Enable Users" used for in 1.2.3 version

I noticed under the General Settings there is a checkbox for Enable Users. What is this used for? I think is it what I would like, which is I don’t track users… I just track pours. So in the stats, it says the Guest user made a pour and all I care abou is that there is a pour.


… by the way… pain in ass upgrading to 1.2.3… but I did it.

It’s a cosmetic feature: hide all the stuff related to per-user tracking. (The feature is a little incomplete, theres more to hide; work in progress for 1.2.x).

I like this feature as it allows me to enable just the users that will be drinking during the session. It can be a pain to scroll through 40 some names. I haven’t seen much effect on anything on the back end of the set up. Not sure what if anything Mikey had planned for this feature in future release.