What would you like to see next?

Hello everyone – I’m back!

It’s been a nice long and somewhat unplanned break from kegbot stuff. Life has been busy, but it’s been awesome to see folks still hacking away and building cool new things.

I’m making a short list of “stuff mikey can do to give the project a little love”, but wanted to ask the wider group: what’s at the top of your wishlist? Bearing in mind I can’t re-open the store or make other miracles happen, of course… Here’s my short list:

  • Clean up the site, remove store links.
  • Touch up the DIY HOWTOs (where to find alternative meters etc).
  • Close out some bugs (a few USB issues I know about).

What else ya got?

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While not directly something in the kegbot code, you could see if anyone else is interested in co-maintaining the repos.

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Good to see you back around Mikey!

I wouldn’t mind a little more server love. Clean up the top users portion of the stats page and Kegs page so you can see the whole name and number of pints.

Maybe some way to see all the kegs you drank from when you go to your profile.

Some way for users to rate a keg, and a list of the top 10 kegs on the server

Tablet only takes a picture on one of my 3 taps a fix would be nice

Just a few ideas…


Welcome back, Mikey!

I’ll second the request for the picture fix.

I’d also like to see some updated board schematics for the old shields with the filtering included in the KBPM. Also, including the schematics for the KBPM would be nice too. Not sure if that was ever the plan.

How about a white paper on how to get a kegbot development environment setup. Include development standards of the project, some light architectural diagrams, etc. I think this would foster more contributions.

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I agree with Josh, if the stats page could be adjusted to show the entire username that would be great. Would also love the ability for my second tap to automatically take a picture as well. I know you do not have any plans to reopen the store, but do you have any KBPMs left or are they all gone?

A major issue is the current repo for the server doesn’t build correctly because of a recent change in redis / celery: see Calling a task returns a TypeError in 3.1.19 with redis as a broker. · Issue #2903 · celery/celery · GitHub

You should be able to recreate the issue by following your instructions on setting up a new server then trying to login to the admin panel and getting a 500 timeout error (you’ll notice celery will refuse to start)

setting redis version to 2.10.5 fixed the issue for me.

I have some simple raspberry pi code that reads GPIO and sends the ticks and volume to the server, I’ve been a little slow with getting a repo setup and making a pull request. What are the chances you can assist with getting the pi to work with the java android app?

Can we get the API documentation updated, I was only able to add the pi as a controller because of comments made here:

adding that controller api to the documentation would be helpful.

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I would definitely like to see the how tos updated. Especially with information on checking in without a tablet, maybe with a rpi touch screen or how it was done before the tablets. I have checked the old forums and maybe I am missing it but I can’t seem to find it anywhere.

Add temperature to the android app without a server. Infact if you could find a way to integrate the server into the app so no separate server was needed that would be awesome.

See I am the opposite I don’t want the app because it’s just for android and I don’t have anything readily available. I really don’t want to buy a tablet just the sit on the kegerator. I think that I am in the minority though.

I’ve implemented local android app temperature sensor here. Will try to make sure it compiles in the next few days, and then send out release notes. I didn’t hold back in modifying the GUI to my needs, so I apologize if there’s some functionality that I broke because I didn’t use/want/need it.

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How did you update to 2.10.5? I know it has to be easy but somehow I’m missing it. (Ubuntu novice)

It’s been a little bit but I believe I was using pip so

pip install redis==2.10.5

I’m just jumping into the deep end with the Kegbot and have had some challenges. I like the thought of converging the kegbot and kegberry into a common distro with the desired features. Migrating the need for a separate arduino/tablet to a common raspberry pi host would be great. Of course, the combined features (thermostat, access cards, solenoids, flow meters) into the GPIO ports with a breakout board would allow people to roll their own rather quickly.

I’ve acquired a nexus 7 tablet and have an abundance of arduino, pi, etc. I hope to have a working solution soon.