Digital Ocean - Backup Through Terminal

My droplet was compromised and involved in a DDOS attack. Digital Ocean has limited access to a console session through their site, but I can’t access the webpage to create and grab a backup. I’m trying to create the backup with the ‘kegbot backup’ command through the console but am getting 'kegbot: command not found" errors. Any ideas what is causing this?


Not much help, but I see the same behavior and haven’t been able to figure it out.

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Thanks Sock. Mikey can you look into this? I’ve got a production site down at the moment and I’m unable to migrate the database to a new droplet because of this issue.

Does anyone from Kegbot monitor this forum to offer support anymore? It’s been 13 days since I posted this, and around a week since PM’ing Mike. Crickets… Discouraging to say the least.

From a SSH terminal you can create a backup using the command kegbot backup

Unfortunately I don’t have SSH access to the device anymore. Due to the VM being compromised and being used to generate approx 175 Mbps of outward facing traffic on the net, Digital Ocean killed any form of remote connectivity to it. The only way I can get to it is through a console session on their website. It’s really no different than me standing in front of a display connected to my (virtual) machine. Everything is the same, minus the connectivity to it through any other form than Digital Ocean’s page. The thing that isn’t working is the kegbot backup command. Command not found. Glad kegbot/bevbot has been so willing to assist in finding a resolution…

Sorry, I do not use Digital Ocean so I am not able to help. If you no longer have remove connectivity how are you planning on exporting the backup?

There are tools in place to export files from VMs. I just need to run the command to generate the backup so I can grab it.

Did you follow these steps to create your VM: HowTo: Install Kegbot Server on Digital Ocean

If that is the case you need to run the commands

[email protected]:~# su - kegbot
[email protected]:~$ . kegbot-server.venv/bin/activate
(kegbot-server.venv)[email protected]:~$ kegbot backup
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