Keg Cabinet + Kegbot Build

Hello! I figured although there isn’t a lot of traffic on here these days, that I would document my kegbot/kegerator cabinet build here to honor all the hard work that went into a truly cool software. Extra thanks to @johnnyruz for all his help. Without him, I would have given up on the software side of things.

Ok, let’s get to it. I purchased just a basic kegerator (Edgestar KC3000). I was going to put it in my garage, but I use my garage for my shop and I didn’t have too much extra room. So, I decided to put it in my office. Problem is the wife wanted a “fancier” look to it so it would go better with our decor. I compromised by agreeing to build a cabinet around it (while incorporating kegbot and a tablet). I plan to document that plan here.

Picture of Kegerator, and CAD drawing of my plan for the cabinet:

For my Kegbot, I decided to host it on a Raspberry Pi. and put a cheap Tablet with full size USB ports. I opted for two taps, with flow meters, and a temp sensor via communication from a arduino nano. I put the nano in a metal project box and will send the signals via rj45 cable down to the flow meters and temp sensor.

I put together a pretty basic assembly for the flow meters and temp sensor. I mounted them to a small box that could be mounted in the kegerator.

Next it was time to start construction of the cabinet. I opted for red oak and a raised panel style. I began with the portion that would house the tablet and taps (separate compartments).


testing fit…IMG_7268 IMG_7267

I then moved on to the main cabinet. Here is a side panel to give an idea of the style.


I ordered a drip tray:

Stained the cabinet black and installed marble on top


Very nice!

That is beautiful!! Very, very impressive and thank you for sharing this!

Thanks guys (for the compliments and the help along the way). I will continue to update this project until I pour my first glass. Working on the trim around the marble right now.

Small update. Added trim to clean up the edges where the marble is.

I bought a tower cooler, so I insulated the section where the beer lines will be housed.

What happened next? Any updates?

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I am sorry if I missed it but what tablet are you running?