Kegberry Web Enhancements


In my effort to implement some of the features of the full android interface on my Kegberry setup, I’ve implemented a lot of changes to the Kegberry Server / Pycore implementation so that there’s more functionality on the “Fullscreen” page of the Kegbot Server.

As I mentioned in another post, my goal is to have just a tablet or screen on my bar-top and have all of the wires/sensors/controllers hidden below.

A few of the things I’ve done:

  • Added live pour tracking to the Fullscreen page
  • Enabled RFID (added support for generic MFRC522 readers)
  • Greeting on the fullscreen page when a tag is swiped (or “not authenticated” if invalid)
  • Fixed Pycore issue with opening/closing a relay
  • Attempt to use a magnetic door lock to secure the taps rather than a solenoid (works perfectly but installation looks awful…HELP!)
  • Added some phantom pour prevention
  • Added ability to add comments on drinks (“shouts”) from within the web server
  • Added temperature reading on the Fullscreen page
  • Added a drinker photo on the Fullscreen page rather than the Keg icon

I have a video HERE ON YOUTUBE that shows off the current system that I’m using (with the exception of the tap-locks, again it currently looks awful!)

Would love any comments/suggestion and you can check out all of the code edits on my Github page: