Kegberry/wheezy not sending/recording pours

I have had the Nexus 7 and original kickstarter board running with my Kegberry build from a number of years ago. I had it disconnected for about a year and just reconnected everything recently. The Nexus 7 Kegbot App sees all of my users, pictures, and even shows a new keg on tap when added from my local kegbot site. The problem is that my flow sensors and the app on tablet see my pours, allow me to claim them as a user, however when I hit Done pouring it’s not sent to the Pi and not recorded locally in the app. I have apt-get updated and upgraded. Purged mysql and dependencies and reinstalled…all to no avail. I’m not sure how active this forum still is but I’m looking for any advice I can find. Thanks.

I had this issue with kegbot server and it was name resolution on the server side as my internet was down. It was failing to send emails.

Try turning off email alerts in your user account.

What do your logs say?

I’ve had the same issue with my Kegberry installation and in my case it was also an issue with sending e-mails. I had configured GMAIL as described in my installation write-up but was having problems when I started a pour that created a new Session. I have my e-mail settings configured to send a mail when a new sessions starts, so that initial pour would fail to register. If I manually created a new drink, the email would usually go through and then every pour after that would work perfectly since it was not trying to send a message.

The issues with mail configuration, including GMAIL are documented HERE and HERE and I believe I was running into one of these exact scenarios.

Because of this I have switched over to using SparkPost as my automated e-mail service and it has been 100% successful over the past couple weeks. The SparkPost service is 100% free (750 messages per day, 15,000 per month limits) but does require you to have a domain that you control and can manage DNS settings which usually has a cost. I’m using Google Domains which is $12/year per hostname.

I’m happy to do a reply post to my Kegberry New Installation thread with instructions for setting up and configuring the SparkPost service if this would be of interest.

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