Kegbot/Kegberry not logging drinks

So I’ve had my setup up and going for a bit now without issue. Just recently, my tablet doesn’t seem to be logging drinks. It detects when I start a pour (and the flow meters work), it allows me to pick a drinker, when I am done and hit “stop pouring”, it doesn’t show the drink in the history on the tablet and it never gets recorded in Kegberry; however, if I manually enter the drink via the webserver…it shows up on the tablet, so I know communication is there. Any idea what could be going on and what I could check? Thanks.

Not sure why I had to do this…but re-linked the tablet via the wizard and seems to be working again.

Since I don’t use the tablet interface, I haven’t run into this in a “production” setup. But when I’ve been testing and doing some development on the Android app side I’ve definitely seen things get out of sync and a re-link usually resolves it.

John, I’d like to hear about what upgrades you’ve added to the web interface…

Check out my post here: Kegberry Web Enhancements

It details most of the enhancements I’ve made and if you have any questions let me know!

Thanks John. I’m still having problems with communication between my tablet and the Pi. It seems after a decent amount of time passes, that it doesn’t capture the pour. If I manually enter it via the webserver…then it shows up on the tablet. I’m leaning towards moving to the browser as you have done. Would you be willing to share some of the enhancements you have made? Thank you!