Kegbot on Microsoft Surface Pro

I’m considering trying a build for Kegbot server AND android client hosted on a surface tablet. The initial thoughts are:

– VirtualBox on Windows10 to support a Linux partition, possibly Debian, since I’ve been using Kegberry on RPi.
– AmiDuOS on Windows10 to support a Lollipop android partition.

It appears that I should be able to host both virtualization workloads on the Surface Pro tablet, greatly improving reliability of the client to server connectivity.

The surface pro has a dedicated power port AND a full size USB port, but I’m unsure of the power output available on that, and if I can get away from the y-cable power for the Kegboard… If that port can power the kegboard directly, then that’s another win…

I have not yet purchased a used surface pro (probably looking for Surface Pro 2), but if this seems like a workable platform, then I’m game to try it. I was briefly thinking of trying to use my Surface 3 (not Pro) which DOES use intel tech, and does technically support virtualization extensions in the processor, but I seriously doubt that the Atom x7 processor could keep up with TWO simultaneous (and distinctly different) virtual environments… Better to go Pro, with core i5 or better…

If anyone has suggestions or perhaps has already tried this, then please help me out. Thanks to all for any ideas.


I tried pushing the idea here Using Windows instead of Android?
before I bought an Android tablet. Back then I was using a 32 bit Intel Atom, and the virtualization wouldn’t work properly.

I do have a couple of Surface Pros at home to try again, but I think the main trouble I had before was getting Windows to properly recognize the USB Kegboard, before trying to redirect the USB to the Virtual Android.