Realtime pour data

First timer here - moving over from raspberry pints.

I was able to get everything up and running on my Pi using the latest docker images - including my 2 pour sensors. My question is about the real-time pour data in the app - not seeing it when testing pours. I see the click data in the logs as I’m pouring, and the server will register the pour after I’m done, but the app will not show the pour happening real-time. Using a modified Fire Tablet to run the app from the Google Play store. Is there some configuration that I’m missing? Thanks!

Unless something has changed with recent updates, to get realtime pour data using a rpi as the server, you must have the kegboard plugged into your tablet running the app. You can also achieve live pour data without the kegboard plugged into the tablet by using @johnnyruz web enhancements found here

Kegberry Web Enhancements

@2beards, @mhmatttu makes a good point, how is your Arduino/Kegboard with the flow meters connected? To the Pi or to the Tablet?

Looks like you’re using the latest Docker images which is fantastic! Sadly I have not had time to integrate some of my updates into the new version, specifically the web app. However, you should see live pour data depending on how you have things connected.

@mhmatttu & @johnnyruz - thanks for the replies. I have the board connected directly to the Pi via USB. Given that, sounds like live pour data isn’t available in that config using the Docker images?

Yeah…so right now the data flow is Arduino --> Pi --> Tablet. So the Pi (Kegbot Server) is recording the flow and storing it as a “drink”. The Tablet App is polling the server every so often for updates so it eventually picks up the drink that was recorded.

In order to see live pour data on the tablet, you would need to connect the Arduino directly to the tablet via USB or USB OTG. Then the flow would be Arduino --> Tablet --> Pi. The tablet would record the drink, showing the pour data as well as giving the ability to take a picture, write a comment etc. Once the pour is complete, it would call the Kegbot Server API running on the Pi, passing information about the pour so that the drink is recorded on the server.