Show off your tablet mount

Someone just pinged me about the mount I use at home, I know some other kegbotters have clever/good-looking mounts. Here’s mine (which you’ve probably already seen):

It uses a gooseneck tablet car mount, just drilled into the kegerator surface. I know you can do better!

Here’s what I’m using:

My full sized fridge install I have this mount mounted to the wall next to the fridge.
On another prebuilt single keg unit install I use the same mount with a suction cup mount.

Here’s what my current setup looks like. I ended up buying two pieces to get things working.

  1. a cheap lamp from wally world $5 USD (to source the gooseneck)
  2. An iPhone / iPod device holder from Fry’s for like $10 USD (for the actual holder)

A little drilling and screwing, and I had a mount for my iPod Touch. I ended mounting the gooseneck to the tower cap, and haven’t had much problems with the setup.

Clever. Do you have to worry about tap marker clearance?

@scottresnik “tap marker clearance”?

Do your tap handles hit the idevice when both are in use? :slight_smile:

Here’s the mount I posted earlier in action. Since I don’t have a tower so I had to go wall mount.

@scottresnik ohhh, I haven’t had the need to run two kegs in the kegerator, so no I don’t have a problem with clearance. :smiley:

I don’t have it yet, but this is the new mount I just ordered:

[Flote Orbit][1]

It’s very expensive at $129, but it’s the only mount that I’ve found that I really like. Here’s a review:

I purchased a locking enclosure from ($98). It was intended for a Galaxy 10.1 Tab, but I only had to make a small internal modification to make it fit my Acer 10.1 tablet. The back plate has different hole patterns which made it easy to screw to my kegerator.

Hey team, just got this relatively cheap tablet mount. Works awesome.

Can be found here:

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