Help! A couple of minor issues

After slowly getting each part piece by piece I have my setup up and running. Right now it is pretty basic, I have a FT-330 flow sensor and an Arduino connected to my Acer A210 tablet with future plans to add a temp sensor and NFC. I have the server running on the tablet and everything works great. However, I do have 2 minor issues that I haven’t been able to find resolutions for.

1.) Whenever I change DEBUG = False in the file the website renders as text only. I found a similar issue here but the fix isn’t clear for me. I followed all directions here on how to install the server on the tablet without issue. Is there an extra step required where I need to configure nginx in addition to what is in this post or is there something else I’m missing?

2.) This problem is more with my lack of knowledge of Android. The website renders fine when I access it from the tablet but how can I access it externally? When I try to access from my laptop (wireless or wired) I get a 404. I’m assuming it is just opening a port on the local firewall if there is one but I apparently am searching for the wrong terms and can’t figure out how.

Any help/advice you all can give is definitely appreciated!

I believe the nginx web server is accessible from the tablet on localhost:8000 or When you’re accessing it on your home network through a laptop, find out the tablet’s IP address and bind it using the instructions here

Like if the tablet was, use “kegbot runserver” and then point your laptop’s browser to

For the record, I used to run kegbot and the kegbot server from the tablet, and also had my android phone running kegbot, connecting to the tablet’s server through the wifi router. So I’m pretty sure it should work.

I’m running the server on my Acer Tablet and access from my laptop, phone and other tablets. I set a custom port and use