My Show & Tell (New GUI, hardware and software tweaks...)

Time to show off my whole setup! I’ve been working mostly on the Android app, but this is a chance for me to showcase the hardware tweaks I’ve installed too.

Android app, with portrait/landscape modes shown on the tablet and Nexus 5 phone (details in this thread). The tap pager scrolls through different backgrounds as well. The top status bar can be toggled by tapping the top/left image. Start Pour, New User, End Pour, Camera Window, and Fake Pour +/- buttons are hidden but can be displayed depending on what your settings are. Both phone and tablet are hooked up to a server running off a Windows VM (details in this thread). Doing a pour will show realtime ticks on the tablet, but the phone will only update stats after the pour is complete

Phone and tablet, but on internal DB mode and with the status bar off. The tablet can show temperature (realtime, no history) using internal DB, but the phone has no connection to the kegboard and leaves it out.

Two kegboards can be housed in this splashproof plastic case.

Blue flat ethernet cable to go through the front of the fridge, by the hinge. Hooks up to an RJ45 duplexer, which splits the feed into the flow sensor plug (Gray cable) and the temperature sensor plug (White cable). (details in this thread). Temperature sensor is in a cup of water

The king of tap handles! Kegboard is plugged into tablet using right angle USB

I’m definitely going to be trying this setup, but with a Samsung Galaxy Nexus because I can’t bring myself to sell it!