Temperature sensor easy modular addon (confirmed)

The point of this was to avoid damaging existing wiring on the flow sensor, and also to avoid requiring fine motor skills to assemble a tiny keystone. I wanted make the temperature sensor more of a plug-and-play like addon, just like the flow sensor.

Disclaimer: I bought the splitter a month ago from China, and I haven’t received it yet. When I do get it, I will post pictures and confirm whether or not it works.

I bought an RJ45 splitter from Amazon and cut an existing ethernet cable in two. It seemed much easier than punching down a keystone, since all I’m doing is twisting wires together.

flow sensor — ethernet cable---- rj45 splitter — ethernet cable— kegboard
temp sensor — ethernet cable --/

The RJ45 splitter needs to be the 8 wire to 2x8 wire, and not the 8 wire to 2x4 wire kind. They usually say that their product doesn’t allow two computers to be connected at the same time, but we’re not connecting computers in this case.

I attached the temp sensor to the ethernet cable same as everyone else:

Orange (Pin 2) to Sensor Red
Blue/White (Pin 5) to Sensor Black
Orange/White (Pin 1) to Sensor White

The major upside of this install is that if a temp sensor fails, you can just unplug its ethernet cable from the splitter, and not have to open up anything to rewire. Unfortunately if I want to add an iButton/NFC in the same plug-and-play manner, I would probably have to chain another splitter, since I can’t find a 1-3 splitter

I finally got the RJ45 splitter, after 2 months of shipping. I’ve confirmed that the above setup works, however temperature sensing is not supported on the local Android app (using local storage)

I’m going to try to implement temperature sensing on the local Android app. I don’t like connecting to the server, since all my pours are anonymous and I don’t like it always prompting me to choose a user. I’ve tried turning this off in the settings, but maybe I haven’t tried hard enough.

Will share pictures of the entire setup in another thread.

Thanks for the info. Just ordered the hardware you mentioned; I’ll let you know if I get it working.

I’m curious of the outcome of these setups. I’d also like to implement temp monitoring but the solutions so far have been too involved for my taste. I’m hoping also for something a little more plug and play friendly.

It works. As you’ve probably read from my Show & Tell thread, I’ve also implemented temperature sensing on the Local Android app. There are pictures of the temperature sensor and its ethernet cable/plug/splitter on that thread too.